I’ve been secretly a loyal reader of blogger KY‘s blog, who always goes around to have really good food. I recently spotted two places he recommended in his blog that I really want to go. First one is the Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Hoa, while the second one is the Indonesian restaurant, Ayam Penyet AP. You know what, I’ve been craving for real, authentic Vietnamese and Indonesian food which I’ve fallen in love with since my two years stay in Australia!

Anywayz, I had to put Pho Hoa on the waiting list since it’s quite far away from my place. But for Ayam Penyet AP, oh, it’s just walking distance from my house! So today I actually skipped gym for that! I just can’t wait!

I went with Ducum for dinner. We ordered the Ayam Penyet, Lele (haha, such a cute name lar)Penyet (ikan keli, cat fish) and terong (eggplant) Penyet, plus a bowl of Bakso, since the Penyet dishes doesn’t have any gravy, we couldn’t eat rice without any soup or gravy!
The Ayam Penyet and Lele Penyet was really good! Both very fresh and yummy! The sambal that came with them was burning spicy but nice! πŸ™‚ Oh, did I tell you guys I love ikan keli? It’s not the kinda fish Chinese would eat but I think it is absolutely yummy!

Ayam Penyet and Lele Penyet, served with sambal, tempe, fried tofu, cucumber, cabbage and kangkong.

But my personal favourite would be the eggplant! I don’t know why it’s just so tasty that even Ducum, someone who doesn’t like eggplant actually had it and like it! Believe me, it’s just THAT GOOD!

Ooooooo… Love the terong penyet!!!

The Bakso was not to say very fantastic, but not-bad lor. I think it’s probably the best Bakso I’ve ever had in KL so far! Ducum and I just can’t stop drinking the soup which was a bit sour with the lime we added in! The sambal was also very spicy but syok eating it!

The Bakso and the very yummy sambal.

Like what KY said, the price was absolutely reasonable. Ducum had two cups of bubble tea (ha, too spicy mah…) at the price of only RM3.50 per cup! Not bad right? The only down side, at least to me, is the fact that the penyet dishes are deep fried, and that means… Super duper fattening!!! Aiks, no skipping gym anymore tomorrow!!!

Shirlexia and Ducum were really happy with the Penyetx3, Baksox1, ricex1,bubble teax2, teax1!
But well, WE WILL BE BACK FOR MORE!!! :p

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