Located in the city centre of Puchong, there stood an Ayam Penyet restaurant whose patrons regularly visit it especially during office hours.

Ayam Penyet API has been a household name since March 2009. Their food are reasonably priced and their rich Indonesian flavours shall make you crave for more. We noted their openness to improve and the way they socialise with their customers in various social platforms are so down-to-earth. Love one of their core value:

* Servant Hood To serve people with unforgettable blazing hot crispy fried chicken dining experience.- Ayam Penyet (API).

Their recipes were crafted from East Javanese and West Sumatra. Their signature dishes include the wooden smashed ayam penyet (of course!), Rendang Ayam Sapi and Ayam Masak Habang.

We were served with AP Kari Mee, AP Ayam Penyet, Ayam Masak Habang, Sup Rawon, Ayam Samosa and some sweet hot and cold beverages; Frothy warm Indonesian Tea With Milk, Iced Bandung Soya Cincau, Iced Pandan Fibre Soya, Iced Pandan Special Layer Tea. Scroll down for more sweet mother loving juiciness images…

AP Kari Mee came first. The Curry Mee was a delight with a strong seafood flavorful brothy gravy. Garnished with a strip of saltish fried fishcake somewhat like “keropok lekor”, chicken meat slices , raw pieces of long beans, hard-boiled egg, fully-cooked cockles (yeah!) and 2-3 medium sized fried crispy prawns, soaked into the semi-thick gravy goodness.

Next was the AP Ayam Penyet.

Our ayam penyet set came with a quarter chicken thigh fried till light brown in colour, a fried piece of tofu and tempe alongside some blanched kangkong, fresh cabbage and sambal belacan. The fried chicken was crispy on the outside but yet juicy on the inside.

It came hot and piping with steamed rice. The rice had a hint of coconut milkyness. The sambal belacan that came with it was truly not what it seems. It looked mild but when you tasted it, it seems okay until the spiciness rose up from the throat into your nose somewhat like a very mild wasabi. That was really unexpected. Love its hidden potential.

Then came the Ayam Habang. Somewhat like the Indonesian version of Ayam Masak Merah. Slightly coconut savoury. The breast meat was tender and fused with the colourful spices (most of the spices are originally from Indonesia) of bunga lawang, lengkuas and the prominent Kaffir lime leaves. The spiky spiciness is slightly denser than the AP Ayam Penyet’s sambal belacan. Eat with caution.

The Rendang Ayam Sapi was WHQ Lina’s favorite. She just closed her eyes whenever she scooped spoonfuls of its flavorful meat into her mouth. “Aah…heaven…”- she said. She loved the fact that the rendang chicken totally thwart her taste buds off the chart because she felt like she was eating beef rendang. But it was actually chicken meat, no beef was even present! Like “kena conned” without even knowing… a fascinating trick!

Next was the Kuah rawon. It was one of the most fragrant kuah rawon we ever came across.

WHQ Lina confessed: I still cannot get used to the mild sweet beefy soup of this Indonesian recipe… even in Singapore. I am always pampered by the thick “buah keluak” gravy of Nasi Rawan in Nasi Padang stalls all over Singapore. I just cannot get accustomed to the light diluted soup. But this soup has a prominent sweet fragrant of Kaffir Lime leaves which I love. It also helped in removing any “jerlak” after effects (if any). There were tender slices of “tetel” (beef tendons/spare parts) present.

The Ayam Samosa was filled to the brim with minced chicken meat. A good light snack for family and friends get-togethers or appetizers to soothe the hungry tummy.

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The Indonesian tea was interesting. As compared to the typical “Teh Tarik” , it left an intriguing bitterness and a little “fire” taste in one’s mouth due to the unique Indonesian tea leaves being used.

As for the sweet icy beverages: They tasted as playful as they looked. The mixed concoction of pandan, rose bandung, the jellied chin-chow and also the throbbing mini “selaseh-looked alike” balls were like a play ground for the mouth. Fun, fun and more fun! We personally love the Bandung Soya Cincau. Great for the upcoming break fast in Ramadan. A definite charmer amongst the crowd of the young and old.

Overall, we have a jovial great time dining in Penyet AP restaurant with Mr Kauthar. Fascinating young chap with big dreams.

Restoran Ayam Penyet-AP
(Puchong Branch)

No 2, Ground Floor,
Jalan Puteri 1-8, Bandar Puteri,
47100, Puchong, Selangor.
+60 03-80665099, 016-2028341

Heartfelt gratitude to:
Restoran Ayam Penyet Api Sdn Bhd. for this opportunity especially the wonderful staff who served us with smiles and love. Mr Kauthar who inspired us with his awe inspiring humbled beginning. He started off as staff and proceed on to be a Manager. A high flier dreamer who ensures that whatever he wants in life, he will go all out to achieve it. Very passionate and dedicated individual. May all our dreams come true! God bless.

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5 thoughts on “World Halal Quest Malaysia- Ayam Penyet Api Restaurant

  • aliza


    Saya nak confirmkan halal status untuk restoran AP ni…adakah semua outlet halal…mohon dapat reply segera. tq.

    • admin.ap

      Yes, all our outlets are certified halal 😀

  • admin.ap

    Salam aliza,

    Thank you for your concern. We are certified halal by JAKIM. Please read the announcement here https://www.ayampenyet-ap.com/blog/ayam-penyet-ap-is-now-certified-halal-by-jakim/. Dont forget to share this with your family and friends ya!

  • syazana

    Macam mana dengan Restoran Ayam Penyet Nusantara pula ea? Halal juga macam yang lain or not?

    • AP Webmaster

      We are not sure about Ayam Penyet Nusantara. We are Ayam Penyet AP 😉
      You can ask them on their Facebook page though. All the best!!


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